Cryptocurrencies’ fight for survival and relevancy itself bears more fruit with every passing day, and according to some experts, this will likely continue. Not only that, but leaders from institutions such as Mercury FX, Euro Exim Bank, and TransferGo recently gathered in London at the Ripple Regional event, discussing why this is the case.

According to them, more and more institutions will start turning to cryptocurrency in the near future, with even banks slowly losing the option to choose. After they start understanding the potential benefits of going crypto, they will have no other choice but to join the ever-growing group of crypto-friendly banks. And, which cryptocurrency is going to benefit the most, according to them? XRP.

Why banks have to turn to Ripple and XRP

According to Euro Exim Bank’s head of Compliance and Operations, Graham Bright, Ripple products may crucial for the banks to remain relevant in the future. Bright spoke of their effectiveness, stating that Euro Exim has set up a goal of making sure that…

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