Blockchain is Fostering the Next Generation of News Media

As many local news outlets shut down due to lack of funding, blockchain presents itself as a tool that could help close gaps related to financial sustainability, as well as readership trust. The current era of fake news makes it

Wendy McElroy: Privacy – Do Not Come Late to the Revolution

Featured The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising ExpectationsSection 2: The Moral Imperative of PrivacyChapter 6: Privacy is a Prerequisite of Human RightsSegment 4: Privacy: Do Not Come Late to the Revolution “I think the Mailman is

ICON’s Whitepaper Explained – The Merkle

As both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology become more and more mainstream, several projects are pioneering the push to incorporate this revolutionary tech into economies, markets, and industries worldwide. As international conglomerates, financial institutions, and national governments begin to incorporate blockchains, it is

Dogecoin (DOGE) – See You on the Moon – The Merkle

If the collection of endless memes created on your favorite social media sites could be condensed into a mascot for a new crypto-currency, what would it look like? Those of you in-the-know already see where I’m going with this. Yes, you would

Vector, Nexus Join the Space Race With Plans for Satellite-Based Blockchain Network

Space company Vector and blockchain developer Nexus announced a partnership to host Nexus’s decentralized cryptocurrency on a satellite orbiting the Earth, using Vector’s GalacticSky platform. According to the developers, Nexus technology offers improvements over existing blockchain systems like Bitcoin and

NAGA Flourishes at the Epicenter of Blockchain’s Digital Disruption — Bitcoin Magazine

Blockchain technology’s disruptive force in business and commerce has been well documented. With strong momentum ensuing from its beginnings as the foundational technology supporting Bitcoin, distributed ledger technology shows great promise in terms of its potential impact on the future