Cryptocurrency could be high on the policy list of the new president of Ukraine after a senior aide revealed extensive Blockchain plans this week.

New Ukraine Gov’t Plans ‘Smartphone State’

As Ukrainians overwhelmingly elected comedian Vladimir Zelenskiy to lead their embattled country, Mikhail Fyodorov, who led his digital campaign, said the new government would seek to deploy blockchain throughout state structures and beyond.

The goal, he told local TV channel Gromadskiy, is to create a “state on your smartphone.”

“During this time we’ve developed a growth conceptualization for the digital state with experts,” he said.

Specifically, starting with the digitization of a single test project, culminating in the deployment of blockchain for voting procedures. From small projects to big ones.

Fyodorov succeeded in galvanizing over 600 thousand online volunteers as part of Zelenskiy’s digital campaign, the young leader appealing to inhabitants of a country where digital phenomena such as cryptocurrency are…

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