New york tries to ban paying bitcoin ransomware

New York state senators have drafted two bills this month that propose a ban on paying ransomware attackers with tax-payers money. 

New York Refuses to Negotiate with Criminals
In April of 2017, the National Security Agency (NSA) was hacked by an unidentified team of hackers who called themselves the Shadow Brokers. The Shadow Brokers were able to steal all the NSA’s top secret hacking tools, including zero-day exploits, and other tricks of the trade that the agency used to target terrorists for espionage. These stolen tools were sold on the dark web to the highest bidders, by the cybercriminals.
Ever since then, there has been an epidemic of ransomware attacks on local and state governments, businesses and other organizations who have sensitive data. The hackers are able to use tools stolen from the NSA, like the Eternal Blue…

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