There are certain mainstream media outlets which are well known for their generally anti-Bitcoin stance in published ‘news’ stories. But at least they usually try to back up their position with something vaguely resembling an argument. No such qualms for The New York Post in its latest cryptocurrency article, “Bitcoin will soon be worth zero.”

At Least Four Factual Errors In Just 89 Words

89 words (and 4 numbers). That’s all New York Post columnist, John Crudele, felt was required to back up his headline assertion. “But wait,” I hear you cry, “That’s not enough to put forward a well reasoned argument, or even a solid opinion.”

And you’d be right. It was however enough to make at least four factual errors, and of course required the omission of several important considerations. There was also a worrying lack of actual news; assuming that it was supposed to be a news article, and not a very-expensive-per-word column.

Let’s break down what appears to pass for journalism at the New York Post. We’ll take it…

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