Bitstamp now can officially offer cryptocurrency trading services in the state of New York after the state’s Department of Financial Services granted the exchange a BitLicense. 

Obtaining a BitLicense is undoubtedly good news for the traditionally European-focused Bitstamp, which will now find it easier to make inroads into the United States cryptocurrency trading ecosystem and expand its presence in the large North American market. Stated the Luxembourg-based exchange in an official announcement:

Bitstamp has always embraced regulatory efforts which focus on transparency and accountability that can help expand the industry. Obtaining a BitLicense is a key element in ramping up our presence in the United States, especially when it comes to working with institutional investors.


Acquiring a BitLicense is no easy feat in the restrictive state of New York. In order to obtain the somewhat-coveted permission slip, companies must adhere to a slew of strict requirements relating to consumer protection.

Many individuals in the…

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