New York, the financial capital of the world, is also becoming the capital of blockchain litigation activity, according to a financial services law firm Murphy & McGonigle report.

Two Times More Blockchain Cases Than Any Other Venue
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are increasingly attracting the attention of large law firms all over the world. In the U.S., since 2018, Murphy & McGonigle has been maintaining a Blockchain Litigation Database, which records the number of incidences of litigation involving the blockchain sector.
Specifically, the database captures cases involving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain-centered companies, mining companies, crypto-investment platforms, exchanges, Initial Coin Offer (ICO) issuers, and consultants.
Upon analyzing and interpreting these data, on January 22, 2020, Murphy & McGonigle released the second annual Blockchain Litigation Year in Review Report. The report identifies the 2019 top five trends related to litigations involving the crypto space in the U.S….

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