Lightning hosted is a new image-sharing website that shares ad revenue (paid in satoshis) with its image uploaders via Bitcoin Lightning Network. 

Lightning Hosted, Lightning Paid

Getting started with Lightning hosted is simple: upload a popular image you think will gain traffic and receive the ad revenue for it later. Some popular choices on the network so far include memes, public domain photography, and images of funny or popular tweets and Facebook posts.

Lightning Hosted

There are, however, limits to what you can and cannot upload. For example, copyrighted photos, pornography, violence etc. are all banned.

Taken from the founder’s own words:

As a rule of thumb if it wouldn’t be acceptable on a California beach it’s not acceptable here.

Pay in Bitcoin Lightning

Before you can upload an image, you’ll be asked to pay a small fee to cover the site’s costs and to prevent abuse of the service. Payment can only be made in Bitcoin Lightning.

After you upload your desired image, you’ll then be presented with a QR code and…

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