The online gambling industry has just
gained a new place. FuturoBet is a different approach to online games. The new
casino is supported by blockchain technology.

The blockchain is an ingenious technology,
which aims to revolutionize the world. When over 10 years ago Satoshi Nakamoto
(anonymous person or group responsible for Bitcoin) wrote a manifesto, it was
just a nuance for geeks and nerds. Nobody could even expect that the technology
would be so wide-spread after only a decade. Today, blockchain technology is
used in shipment supply chains, payments and money transfers, online voting,
mobile devices, cryptocurrencies, and many other industries.

FuturoBet is taking the technology one step
further. The new online casino is not just another place to gamble. It combines
two worlds, which so far haven’t often been associated: cryptocurrencies based
on the blockchain, and online betting games.


FuturoBet was created on Malta on the fourth
of April 2019. The new platform has already attracted many users. Thanks…

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