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The HEX project continues to keep so many people engaged. There are even some interesting websites dedicated to this project, albeit it isn’t helping it get a better reputation.

The Hexclaim website is very fascinating, for many different reasons.

HEX Adoption is Finally Slowing Down

One of the more intriguing updates is how early adopters continue to reinvest their earnings even today. 

That is rather surprising, given all of the bad press HEX has been getting.

Despite its token value plummeting, some people still firmly believe in what this project has to offer. 

That in itself shows the appeal of HEX is certainly tangible.

In the same chart, it also becomes apparent that new investors are coming in slower.

That is not uncommon for an investment scheme running for over 30 days.

How these statistics will evolve in the coming months, remains difficult to predict.

A lot of people want to see this project end sooner rather than later.

However, as long as people keep investing, that will not necessarily happen. 

Most people in…

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