DAO.Casino, an Ethereum-based gambling app, recently announced that it plans to build its own gambling-only blockchain. Now, it will get help from a development group called MixBytes, which will offer critical consulting and contribute to the new blockchain. The end result will be DAO.Casino’s “gambling 3.0” platform.

It’s debatable whether an entirely new blockchain dedicated to gambling is actually necessary. Although DAO.Casino says that Ethereum’s performance is an issue, most dissatisfied apps simply migrate to competing platforms. Right now, EOS is a particularly popular alternative when it comes to blockchain-based gambling.

Finality Is Key

DAO.Casino, however, says that migrating to EOS isn’t an option. Although it praises EOS’s high transaction speeds, it takes issue with EOS’s poor transaction finality, which means that transactions can be changed or reversed. As such, finality is what the MixByte team will primarily work on. DAO.Casino says:

“MixBytes is working on eliminating the lack of finality…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/new-eos-fork-dedicated-to-gambling-will-get-help-from-mixbytes/