A new Chrome browser extension called Coinflict of Interst for the Twitter cryptocurrency community aims to expose “bias” in the content well-known figures upload to the social network.

Coinflict Chrome Extension Seeks Out ‘Ulterior Motives’

The brainchild of open source developer Luke Childs, ‘Conflict of Interest’ is currently available as a browser extension for Opera, Google Chrome and Firefox users.

Its purpose is to expose the political leanings of those who tweet about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency automatically, in order to allow readers to gauge the legitimacy of their content.

Put simply, if a tweet mentions Bitcoin in a negative light, the extension should provide enough context about its author for a reader to understand whether the criticism is genuine or part of an effort to discredit Bitcoin on purpose.

“There are lots of people voicing their opinions on Crypto Twitter, however it’s often hard to work out if Tweets are genuinely informative, or if the person has an ulterior motive,” Childs…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/new-chrome-extension-exposes-twitter-users-cryptocurrency-bias/