bitcoin address spike

Bitcoin has shown growth in one metric that suggests positive views about adoption and the potential to reach new users. Active addresses and new addresses have grown, with a special uptick since 2017.

Adoption, Activity Show Spike as Bitcoin Addresses Grow Constantly
After BTC entered its most active bull market in December 2017, ownership expanded, with 124 million addresses created in total. Even during the bear market, and a rather tame 2019, address growth continued, at above 300,000 new addresses per day, shows analysis by Decentralized.

The last decade also showed that “hodling” is much more than a meme, and is, in fact, one of the most prominent patterns in BTC ownership.
“For a sense of scale, the number of people holding more than 0 bitcoin in Jan 2011 was a mere 70,0000. Today that number is north of 28 million —…

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