NEO is Now Supported By the eToro Platform · February 19, 2018 · 9:00 am EToro, the leading social investment platform with over nine million users, has today added support for NEO to its platform. eToro Bullish on NEO The new addition now brings the total number

NEP5 tokens soon on Binance tradable

There is good news for the NEO ecosystem. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has announced via Twitter that NEP5 tokens will soon be traded on Binance. NEO was one of the winners in the cryptocurrency market in

Here Are the Top 4 NEO Wallets – The Merkle

With NEO becoming such a popular cryptocurrency, it is only normal that people aren’t too sure which wallet to use. There are quite a few different offerings available in this regard. Below are some interesting ones to check out, even though there

The Bee Token Crowdsale Stung by $400k Phishing Scam

Crowdfunding The Bee Token, 2018’s most eagerly anticipated and oversubscribed ICO, has had a disastrous start to its crowdsale. Over 100,000 people had applied to be whitelisted, and the anticipation in the group’s Telegram channel was palpable.

ICON’s Whitepaper Explained – The Merkle

As both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology become more and more mainstream, several projects are pioneering the push to incorporate this revolutionary tech into economies, markets, and industries worldwide. As international conglomerates, financial institutions, and national governments begin to incorporate blockchains, it is

Neo ICOs Make a Shaky Start

Crowdfunding The Neo platform was designed to serve as a launchpad for Initial Coin Offerings. Since hosting the Red Pulse ICO last year, Neo has accommodated around a dozen ICOs, with another dozen in the works. From