NEO is a dApp platform similar to Ethereum, allowing developers to create digital assets and smart contracts. NEO is one of the two cryptocurrencies of the NEO blockchain, the other being GAS. But in today’s article, we will only focus on the NEO crypto and its price evolution for this year.

We will be covering several analysis and opinions that can help us build a plausible NEO price prediction for 2019.

NEO Price Development

NEO has a current trading price of $11.19 US, almost 20 times less than its all-time high of $187 US which was reached in January 2018. Since July 2018, there have been very few signs of increase here and there, the coin’s price slowly following a descending trajectory. Since November 2018, the price fell out of the double digit category until recent, practically losing all the gains it amassed almost a year ago.

A very minor positive development can be noted though, as in the past 24 hours the price has seen an increase of almost 2%. While, not all that impressive, it does show that the coin has some…

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