According to the US House Financial Services Committee, the nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allows Nazis and domestic terrorists to fund their activities.

US officials voice concerns over Bitcoin terrorist financing
This Wednesday, a US House Financial Services Committee held a hearing during which its members addressed the topic of cryptocurrencies. US Congressman, Brad Sherman of California, took the lead by stating that cryptos’ security and secrecy allows domestic terrorists to fund their operations in the US.
Congressman Sherman specifically claimed that white supremacists are using Bitcoin, claiming that,
“If it works for Hamas, it will work for the Nazis, too.
The same concerns came from the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Director, Jared Maples, as well as by Rena Miller, the finance expert at Congressional Research Service.
Maples noted that Hamas prefers the coins due to their secrecy and privacy and that The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, received a $60,000 BTC donation after the…

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