Nano Lawsuit Update: Angry Investor Reacts to Motion to Dismiss

James Fabian, the chief plaintiff in the securities class action suit against the Nano crypto company, has asked a judge to strike against each point of dismissal that Nano supplied last fall.

Nano Dismisses Claims in 10-Point List
Fabian, who faced losses after the hack and closing of the BitGrail exchange, believes Nano did not have sufficient excuses to claim lack of responsibility for the loss of coins. The Nano company, on its side, filed a list of 10 dismissals, which Fabian believes are insufficient.
According to Law360, Fabian stated,
Such boilerplate purported defenses are not proper affirmative defenses, are not pleaded with sufficient particularity to give plaintiff notice of their bases, and are not supported by any facts or explanations as to how they apply to this case
The Nano team was also reportedly aware of the…

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