Nakamoto Magazine Closes Telegram Over Chaotic Chats

Well, that didn’t take long. The ‘Pro Bitcoin’ Nakamoto initiative has already whipped up a Crypto Tweetstorm and had its Telegram channel shut down in just three days.

The Nakamoto Initiative
Disheartened by the lack of discussion about the “philosophical principles that motivated Satoshi Nakamoto, or the society that he wanted to build” a group of high-level intellectuals launched the Nakamoto website on Jan 3.
Designed as a place to provide trustworthy information and stimulate dialog about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in three short days, it only served to highlight the chasms of division in the space.
Bearing the Bitcoin symbol in its logo, the Nakamoto ethos seems like a noble one.

Our goal with Nakamoto is to create a venue for technical, philosophical, and cultural writing that is of interest to the community as a…

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