Bitcoin Press Release: Multiplier platform will officially launch the minting of MXX tokens on its platform on the 29th of July, 2020.

27th July, 2020, Switzerland – MXX tokens are designed to balance liquidity for depositors and lenders through algorithmic derived interest rates and yield. These are based on the collateralisation and loans conducted on the Multiplier cryptocurrency platform. The minting of MXX tokens will start from 0 tokens, with a total supply of 9 billion, which can be accumulated through minting only.

Essentially, liquidity mining is when a yield farmer mints new tokens in exchange for their liquidity on the platform. This creates a positive loop; whereby users are incentivised with minted tokens to conduct transactions on the platform, which in turn increases the value of the same token, and attracts more users to join.

MXX Token and Community Governance

A maximum of 18 million MXX tokens are issued daily, shared among users in proportion of their contribution to the platform through lending, borrowing and…

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