A new television series by MTV features arguably the channel’s first crypto personality. Rachel Siegel, a bitcoin advocate and proponent of mass adoption who’s behind the Youtube channel Crypto Finally, was invited to enrich the story of a $5 million SIM swapping scam with her expertise. The episode was aired recently, attracting much attention from the crypto community, and not only for what it showed, but also what was cut out.

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MTV Show Consults ‘Crypto Expert’ on a $5 Million Hack

The True Life Crime show premiered on MTV in January with the promise to give you “a closer look at the biggest true-crime headlines.” Its seventh episode, “The $5 Million Phone Hack,” has host Dometi Pongo finding out how 19-year-old Joel Ortiz got involved in a SIM swapping theft and was eventually tracked down by an elite law enforcement unit in California.

MTV Airs True Life Crime Episode With Crypto Expert, Youtuber, ‘Ya Girl’ Rachel Siegel

Viewers who watched on Feb. 19 saw some of the victims’ messages for Ortiz and heard praise for the React team, a task…

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