In another twist to the Mirror Trading International (MTI) bitcoin Ponzi scam, the blockchain intelligence firm Whitestream says bitcoins from wallets associated with the company are being sent to Wasabi privacy mixers. According to Whitestream’s update, this pivot to mixers suggests that operators of the Ponzi are trying to obfuscate the movement of the bitcoins.

Conspiracy to Hide Funds

The reports of MTI bitcoins going to mixers follow the recent disappearance of the company’s CEO, Johann Steynberg late last year. This also comes after a South African court granted a liquidated order against MTI.MTI Bitcoins Sent to Privacy Mixers as New Data Breach Exposes the Ponzi Scheme's Top Earners

In an update on January 2, Whitestream explains that in the weeks preceding its report, about 75 BTC (or over $3 million) was sent to this address. Following that transaction, the blockchain intelligence firm claims it then observed the transfer of about 10 BTC from this address to a Wasabi Mixer.

Meanwhile, Whitestream Co-Founder and CEO, Itsik Levy tells that these transfers to…

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