Findings by investigative platform WizSec uncovers new details in the civil rehabilitation case against CoinLab and Mt.Gox as CoinLab seeks $15 billion USD in damages plus an extra $1,127,731,005 each year the proceedings drag out past June 2018. 

The rehabilitation trustee in the case estimates the actual damages caused to be at least forty times lower ($6,100,000 USD) than the fifteen billion dollars claimed by CoinLab.

Although not specifically mentioned, the site covering the case, WizSec, mentions that the “elephant in the room” is the ongoing case between CoinLab and Mt.Gox as a primary cause of the delay in bitcoin moving from Mt.Gox.

The lawsuit was the aftermath of a failed partnership attempt that took place between the companies in 2012 and 2013.

The case has been covered by Bitcoinist extensively in the past, with the most recent update being that Mt.Gox’s stash of bitcoin will remain in the company’s possession at least until 2020.

CoinLab’s scope of “damages” revealed 

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