Many cryptocurrencies rose and fell during the 2017 bull market and subsequent year of bearish retracement. While the top four crypto assets by market cap have remained the same over the last two years, more than half of the leading markets as of Feb. 19, 2017 have since fallen from the top 15.

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2017’s Top 4 Markets Retain Their Ranking Today

Despite the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency markets over the last two years, the top four ranked by market cap has not changed.

BTC has grown from a $16.5 billion market as of Feb. 19, 2017 to $65.29 billion today, with the price rising 252% from nearly $1,050 to $3,700 in 24 months.

Most of 2017's Leading Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap Have Crashed Out of the Top 15

ETH recently reclaimed its rank as the second largest market by capitalization, with ethereum’s market cap rising…

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