Bitcoin itself is already ‘real estate’ on the blockchain by quickly emerging as the first ‘digital property’ for an increasingly digital world.

Bitcoin is ‘The Most Interesting Property’

Forget real estate on-the-blockchain.” Bitcoin already is. In fact, it’s the “most interesting property in the world,” writes General Partner at Blockchain Capital, Spencer Bogart.

Looking closer, many similarities do exist between Bitcoin and real estate. Moreover, Bitcoin introduces some unique advantages that will surely come in handy in an increasingly digital world. 

Bogarts explains that Bitcoin is a technology that “blurs the boundary” between personal property and real property because the distinction is arbitrary to begin with.

How Blockchain Technology is About to Disrupt the Mortgage Industry

It’s Absolutely Scarce

First and foremost, Bitcoin is scarce just like physical property. But it’s unitization into a total of 21 million pieces or bitcoins plot of land fungible. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to compare the pieces: Every piece of this property is the same as…

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