According to a report by the World Economic Forum, more than 40 central banks deal with state digital currencies.

The World Economic Forum, a Swiss foundation best known for its eponymous annual conference in Davos, released a report on central bank blockchain research on Wednesday.

According to the report, more than 40 central banks around the world are addressing the issue of government digital currencies (CBDCs) or intending to begin their investigations in the near future. This research movement was initiated by the Bank of England in 2014 and has now produced more than 60 academic reports.
An important project remains unnamed

The report of the World Economic Forum names, among other things, the e-Krona project of the Swedish Reichsbank. The Scandinavian country is particularly predestined for a state digital currency because of its sharply lower cash use.

The Deutsche Bundesbank has also already tested the use of Blockchain. The central bank successfully completed a project called BLOCKBASTER last year. The processing of…

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