Blockstream reps have long been pushing for full implementation of the perpetually-delayed Lightning Network as the main solution for BTC scalability. With the recent announcement of “federated sidechain” Liquid’s integration with Btcpay, however, the tune seems to have changed. Past weeks have found Blockstream execs Adam Back and Samson Mow not only pushing Liquid hard, but going so far as to belittle Lightning, the once almost messianic layer-2 solution to Bitcoin Core’s scaling ills.

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Liquid and Lightning

With last week’s announcement that Blockstream’s federated sidechains are now integrated with Btcpay, Liquid has been back in the limelight. What is striking some folks as odd, however, is the overtly promotional tone being taken by Blockstream reps in regard to Liquid and its pegged assets such as L-BTC, even at the cost of criticizing the Lightning Network — long touted by the very same people to be BTC’s main scaling solution.

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