This Week in Cryptocurrency: May 17th, 2019

Outside of a substantial pullback in the past 24 hours, cryptocurrency markets experienced considerable gains over the last week. On the week, Bitcoin is up 13%, Ethereum up 34%, XRP up 24%, Binance Coin up 27%, Stellar up 31%, Monero implements Monero’s sub-addresses – The Bitcoin News implements Monero’s sub-addresses in crypto to crypto exchange, the leading crypto to crypto exchange without the need to register an account was first launched in 2017. The exchange has focused on privacy, simplicity and speed on a

Keys4coins Lets You Buy Digital Video Game Licenses With Bitcoin Cash

Video gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world right now and as most PC games are sold online to a young and tech-savvy demographic, they are a perfect fit for cryptocurrency payments. One platform taking advantage of this

Monero Leader Trolls Twitter With Binance Chain Migration

Riccardo Spagni, one of Monero’s lead developers, has polled his Twitter audience to find out whether the coin should be migrated to Binance Chain. This is, of course, the blockchain that is operated by Binance, a major exchange. However, Spagni

Play CryptoSlots’ New Game for Cash Prizes of up to $1,250

Another game, another cryptocurrency, crypto casino CryptoSlots bring players even more ways to win. Open Season is their newest release. It boasts bright hunting graphics and bonus extras that pack a punch for online slot hunters. Players trigger big wins

Russia is Realizing It Has No Clue How to Regulate Cryptocurrency

The proposed ‘digital assets’ law aims to “legalize ICOs” in Russia and is expected to be reviewed in May. But lawmakers are slowly realizing the futility of regulating Bitcoin and cryptocurrency that are un-regulatable by design.  Russia’s ‘Digital Assets’ Bill

What Is Electronero ($ETNX) – The Merkle Hash

Electronero (ETNX) is a privacy centric CryptoNote cryptocurrency whose mainnet first went live on May 30, 2018. At its core, ETNX is a fork of Electroneum – a mobile focused crypto launched back in 2017. Furthermore, Electronero utilizes the Monero

This Week in Cryptocurrency: March 29, 2019

Bitcoin on the Streets, Monero in the Sheets The good news keeps on rolling in. After a brief dip in the middle of the week, the total market cap consistently climbed to finish off at $143.3B. Calculating from last Friday’s

Tor Adds Monero and Zcash Donations, Potentially Dropping BitPay

Tor, an anonymous web browser, has revealed that it is now accepting several different altcoins as donation methods. Users can now donate nine different cryptocurrencies to the project, including three privacy coins: Monero, Zcash, and Dash. Sarah Stevenson, Tor’s Fundraising

Bitcoin Cash Wallet Neutrino Introduces Additional Privacy Features

Bitcoin Cash developers have released a new mobile wallet called Neutrino, which has been designed to provide better privacy than other available wallets. Although Neutrino has been available as a command-line tool for some time, Android users can now try