Tor Adds Monero and Zcash Donations, Potentially Dropping BitPay

Tor, an anonymous web browser, has revealed that it is now accepting several different altcoins as donation methods. Users can now donate nine different cryptocurrencies to the project, including three privacy coins: Monero, Zcash, and Dash. Sarah Stevenson, Tor’s Fundraising

Bitcoin Cash Wallet Neutrino Introduces Additional Privacy Features

Bitcoin Cash developers have released a new mobile wallet called Neutrino, which has been designed to provide better privacy than other available wallets. Although Neutrino has been available as a command-line tool for some time, Android users can now try

In the Daily: Monero Upgrade, Revolut Auto Exchange, SETL Administration

In this edition of The Daily we cover the latest protocol upgrade to privacy coin monero (XMR), a new feature for traders using Revolut, and the blockchain-based corporate settlements platform SETL appointing administrators for the business. Also Read: Online Bank

Monero Blockchain Upgrade Deemed Success: ASICs Purged

While Bitcoin’s core developers have embraced application-specific integrated circuit devices (ASICs), computational units created for a single task, with open arms, the team behind privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero has been more hesitant. Some argue that ASICs pose a threat to the

Monero Protocol Upgrade Thwarts all Current ASIC Mining Attempts

Any finance-oriented industry will need to undergo constant development, changes, and face new competitors. In the cryptocurrency world, that situation is no different, although things are done a bit differently. Monero, one of the more popular altcoins, has undergone another

Monero Successfully Upgrades Its Protocol

Monero (XMR), a privacy-focused cryptocurrency launched in 2014, announced that it has successfully performed a protocol upgrade on March 9, 2019.  Hard Fork Aims to Improve Monero’s Key Features Monero (XMR) strives to differentiate itself from other cryptocurrencies by focusing

Two Important Monero Bugs Have Come To Light

Following a rather hectic disclosure process, an exchange-deposit bug found in the official Monero wallet has been patched and revealed to the public. Monero developers quickly fixed the vulnerability after one bugfinder went rogue and leaked the issue on Sunday.

Fake Monero Hard Fork “Monero Rings” Emerges

In the crypto world, scammers never sleep: a fake Monero hard fork has emerged, and it intends to steal funds from unsuspecting Monero users. The project is called Monero Rings, and it is accompanied by two sites, and