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Hi there! Welcome to Mintable’s Picks of the Week, an article featuring all of the week’s best NFTs from the extended Mintable community, curated just for you.

Drop your comments below on what kind of NFTs you’d like to see next week – is it art, gaming, collectibles, or projects? Or link us your best NFTs from!

psgcollage is a new artist on Mintable who makes awesome digital collages. Her photomontages place familiar things in unexpected places, creating a surreal vibe

Her collection contains standalone works as well as a series titled space car – classic cars juxtaposed against a backdrop of deep space. 

Jeff Baru illustrates the 7 deadly sins, personified. His collection is still a work in progress, but we love what we are seeing so far! Can you guess which of the 3 deadly sins are depicted above?

NFT Picks of the Week

Light Box C5

Light Box C5 plays with space, geometry, and lights in a way that is simply mesmerizing. 

Part of a collection and created by Ackerstudio, a 3D designer and visualization expert with over 20 years of experience in 3D digital art, modeling and rendering.

Lil Ghost#780

“Whale Hunting — Japan fever”
High resolution png Artwork  (8268 × 11812px – 70x100cm – 300dpi)
“Art must not be beautiful, Art must be obvious.”

Artist: punchman

Enter The Void #1

…and become empty.
1280×1280 PIXELS.

Artist: danilofurtado666

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