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Hi there! Welcome to Mintable’s Picks of the Week, an article featuring all of the week’s best NFTs from the extended Mintable community, curated just for you.

Drop your comments below on what kind of NFTs you’d like to see next week – is it art, gaming, collectibles, or projects? Or link us your best NFTs from!

A fractal is a never-ending pattern. The artist refers to it as a mathematical wonder that combines art and science – artistic complexity created from numerous particles of pure basic geometry (basic 2D figures).

A new era of NFT girls who will brighten up your collection.

NFT Picks of the Week

Space Whale

Mankind is drawn to the heavens for the same reason we were once drawn into unknown lands and across the open sea.

The first iteration of this composition art of a still unknown species of “whale” that lives only in space, traveling the unknown.  

The first user who purchases the art will have their nametag watermarked in the original piece in my portfolio site here:

Artist: aeoleon

Lil Ghost#780

This piece of art shows how anger looks if it was visible with her shining eyes. Her tongue of flames becomes so powerful no matter who stands in her way. Purchase this wonderful piece and keep it hidden locked 🔒. 

Artist: griffo11

Pixiye #033

Just a 3d dude selling 2d dudes… This Pixiye is part of a collection of 100.

Artist: mikaelux

Miranda Rock Wave

Feeling a calling to the sea, artist claret created this art piece after making a trip down to the beach. With the wet sand between their feet and hearing the sound of the waves, claret paused and soaked in the moment of feeling her connection to the sea.

Artist: claret

Crypto Renaissance #9

The rise of crypto on top of the old industry. This artwork by styleWish represents the old financial world which is being reimagined by cryptocurrencies.

Artist: stylewish

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