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Hi there! Welcome to Mintable’s Picks of the Week, an article featuring all of the week’s best NFTs from the extended Mintable community, curated just for you.

Drop your comments below on what kind of NFTs you’d like to see next week – is it art, gaming, collectibles, or projects? Or link us your best NFTs from!

Featured profile of the week: NiftySax

I’m Milo Lombardi is a 33 year0old Saxophonist, Composer and Music Director who has studied classical and jazz, graduated from a top institution, received awards, played in front of 1000s of people.

He now creates music NFTs using his saxophone as the only medium. This practice is A focused exploration of creativity and inspiration, using the instrument that allows me to express myself at my best.

Creating music on the blockchain with his sax is the culmination of his career as an artist.

NFT Picks of the Week

Minimals ∞ #001

The Stoned Monkey – Minimals ∞ are spirit animals from the Metaverse created by the Artificial Viking. Get your Minimals now at

Artist: tsimon94


Ever seen a hedgehog play basketball? Neither have we. Here’s an exclusive collection of a character named the basket, a basketball bouncing, dunks wearing, tattooed clad hedgehog.

Artist: animotiondesign

Original Album Art | Reboot | Choices for humanity

eboot is the album art for a Rock song with Sanskrit hymns interspersed with English.

Here, the art depicts humankind with two choices – on the right (from the viewers perspective) is the option of peace, health, prosperity. A land where coexistence reigns supreme, waters are blue, and the sky is clear. On the left is Greed, lust, quest for power- leading to pollution of mind and the physical form.

When greed, quest for power starts overwhelming – there’s time to Reboot. 

Artist: shalabh

Splinter cell duck #10

Stealth-mission expert Sam Fisher searches for two US duck agents in Georgia and soon uncovers a plot involving a nuclear device. Sam Fisher is an elite duck-Ops agent called the duck Splinter Cell. When two government operatives undercover in Georgia go missing, Sam is sent in by the Third Echelon to investigate.

limited edition grab it before its too late for you.#saveducks

Artist: rejoy

Frenzy Sage

Frenzy Sage is a painting that weaves together the concepts of “Growth and Renewal”

Artist: artamigos

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The article above came directly from the blog, found on

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