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Hi there! Welcome to Mintable’s Picks of the Week, an article featuring all of the week’s best NFTs from the extended Mintable community, curated just for you.

NFTs and projects featured here will also appear in our weekly newsletter and a dedicated Twitter page for featured artists. If you’d like to request to be featured, follow and message Mint Magazine on twitter!

qpx93 creates unique digital art of five different women posing nude within flowers and patterns. Natural, feminine, and full of life. New items are released every Saturday, so keep an eye out!

Ghen is an artist who creates interactive NFTs – you can print his artwork, and fold along the lines to make beautiful paper planes! A simple and creative way to add utility to NFT art.

NFT Picks of the Week

Over Thinking #5

Over Thinking #5 by Mo-art
Mo-art creates art representing snapshots of their memories, that act as a mirror into the heart of the 31 year old artist and and designer. This series shows how overthinking can be a positive thing, a proof of existence and humanity.

The Nature

The Nature by rt-arierom

A cycle of sadness, the starlight in her hair, and life blooming around her soul

Perfect Piece

Perfect Piece by tadomi_san
A perfect piece of watermelon. Who’s hungry?

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