Mintable’s February Floor Buster Sale

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Following the success of our Mutant Ape Yacht Club fire sale last month, Mintable is back with 5 more of the hottest NFT collections on the market, brought to our users for up to Ξ2 below floor prices!

From 21 – 25 Feb, we will release 10 NFTs from one trending collection each day. What collections are we selling? We can’t tell you just yet, but maybe you can take a guess 😉

To find out which collections we’re bringing the floor down on, follow us on Twitter where we’ll announce each collection as the sales go live. We’ll also be hosting contests on our Twitter page where you can win a Mint Pass NFT, which provides you with exclusive access to our pre-sales.

Mintable Sale Dates

21 Feb Unrevealed Collection 1

22 Feb Unrevealed Collection 2

23 Feb Unrevealed Collection 3

24 Feb Unrevealed Collection 4

25 Feb Unrevealed Collection 5

Mint Pass Pre-Sale: 12pm UTC
Public Sale: 2pm UTC

Check back as the sales progress to see which collections have been revealed!

How To Get A Mint Pass

Want to ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity? Get a Mint Pass NFT – an access pass that gives you special access to Mintable sales and other events.

There are 3 ways to get a Mint Pass:

1. Follow us on Twitter to join Mint Pass Giveaways
2. Buy a Mint Pass from our store
3. Use Mintable to list an NFT from any collection between 16–19 Feb*

If you buy an NFT from our Floor Buster sale, you’ll also receive a Mint Pass within 24h! This way, anyone who participates in this sale will be able to access the pre-sales for the following collections.

*NFTs listed have to be from an NFT collection. To qualify, you should also tweet your listing @mintable_app. Mintable Gasless Store NFTs do not qualify for a Mint Pass.

Happy Flipping!

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