– The *soon to open* best NFT marketplace for artists and sellers. Private, unlimited, files on the Zilliqa or ethereum blockchain.

TIME SENSITIVE (ends July 30th)

Act now to register and get an invite code to make 2.5% of every item that your invitees sell. You must have a code in order to register. You cannot register without one. Here is our’s: A code can only be used 5 times a day. If you cannot get in with our code, either wait another day or look online. People are posting them.

What is

Artists, sellers, entrepreneurs, and… well… anyone can create (mint) and/or sell ERC-721 NFT items created on the website. A person can “easily mint, manage, and browse digital items.” In KryptoKurrency’s eyes, there are 2 actual websites. one is setup for zilliqa blockchain. The other is setup for the ethereum blockchain. The best information on the website can be found on the ethereum’s site. You can actually see how it is setup as well as a YouTube video on minting.

Why this is great?

OK, we admit it. This is a new website in beta. However, we like what we see. Before July 30, we suggest that you register on the zilliqa website and see if you know anyone else that will register. If they use your code, then you have the chance to make some money. It’s not a pyramid scheme. It’s simply a publicity stunt that ends on July 30th. That is when the website goes live. People will have the chance to create, sell, and buy NFTs on their site or others such as

Registration is separate for the ethereum blockchain. That’s right, you need to register for the zilliqa side and the ethereum side. However, the 2.5% advantage is only available for the zilliqa blockchain. What’s available for ethereum? If you hurry and donate funds, you can get a percentage discount from all costs associated with this website. Information can be found here:

KryptoKurrency donated!

That’s right, KryptoKurrency donated ethereum and received the discount card immediately. We aren’t going for profit, but to help out a marketplace that looks like a good one and potentially has a great future.

Going Live is going live on July 30th. Check them out for updates and to see what they offer. Registration is free.

Connect with

Message: Send a message through their website (bottom):