Nvidia Stock Drops as Crypto-Related Chip Demand Dries Up

Nvidia shares fell as much as 5.6% in after-hours trading Thursday after the company warned that demand for its cryptocurrency-related chips is drying up. Nvidia has been one of the hottest technology stocks in recent years because of surging demand

Nchain Plans to Launch a BCH Full Node Client Called ‘Bitcoin SV’

Technology & Security On Thursday, August 16 the blockchain research and development firm Nchain has officially announced a new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) full node implementation is in the works called Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision). Nchain says the full node client

Bitcoin Not Dead, Again: Washington Post Gets Schooled

Reviews Castle Island Ventures partner and cofounder of Coinmetrics.io, Nic Carter, has had quite enough. Made crazy by mainstream media misunderstanding, ignorance, and downright falsehoods regarding cryptocurrencies, he took to Medium, making the case for why Bitcoin is not dead,

Venezuelan government uses bonds to pay settlement with miner

Venezuela has made a payment to a mining company using government bonds instead of cash, potentially the first time it has done so since U.S. sanctions last year barred similar transactions. The payment on Tuesday was made as creditors scramble

CoinHive In-Browser Software is ‘Mining’ $250K Per Month, Research Finds

New academic research released by RWTH Aachen University has discovered that cryptocurrency miner CoinHive is very profitable. In fact, it’s generating over $250,000 worth of Monero profit every month by hi-jacking internet users’ CPUs. One of the users could have easily been you.