The Daily: A Dirty War on Bitcoin

The Daily Today’s installment of The Daily is all about dirty tricks. The sort of tricks designed to convince the world that Bitcoin is bad. Spending bitcoin, mining it, or allowing the Chinese to mine it ahead of the U.S.

Ransomware Overtakes Cryptojacking as Cybercriminals’ Favorite Weapon

Malwarebytes says ransomware attacks are the current favorite method of crypto hackers and cybercriminals. The cybersecurity outfit believes the continued decline in cryptocurrency prices, as well as the ease of detecting cryptojacking exploits, is the reason for the swing towards

BTCC Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange in South Korea

Exchanges Hong Kong-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange BTCC is reportedly launching services in South Korea this month. In addition to a cryptocurrency exchange, the company will offer a wallet service, a mining pool, and a consumer payments service, according to its Korean

Trump Trade War Tariffs Compound Bitmain IPO Woes

Bitmain’s beleaguered IPO faces further challenges as the latest Trump tariffs hit mining hardware. The situation is also likely to affect planned IPOs by Canaan and Ebang according to the South China Morning Post. Financial Controversy Bitmain must have hoped that the

How Bitcoin Mining Can Help Nuclear Reactors

Op-Ed Bitcoin mining has been criticized by mainstream media, environmentalists and some economists for its energy consumption deemed excessive. Yes, the proof of work system burns a lot of electricity but does the planet suffer from deficit? Here’s a look

White House Considers Ripple as a Foil to China’s Bitcoin Dominance

Ripple is certainly divisive, seeming to catalyze an equal number of naysayers as it maintains influential fans. According to Chief Market Strategist, Cory Johnson, those fans may also include the highest office in US government. Media Professional Johnson, who joined

Fidelity Just Removed ‘Huge Obstacle’ to Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Here is why the cryptocurrency space was largely “impressed” by Fidelity Investments announcing it will offer its 27 million customers a way to store and trade digital currencies.  Fidelity Unveils ‘Fidelity Digital Assets’ Currently, Fidelity manages $7.2 trillion dollars, making it the

Fidelity Launching Crypto Custody and Trading Services

Finance Fidelity Investments has announced the launch of a new company dedicated to providing cryptocurrency services including custody and trade execution. The services will be available to institutional investors such as hedge funds, family offices, and market intermediaries. Also read: 160