Minecraft Meets Bitcoin With 'Satoshi Quest' Treasure Hunt

A new Minecraft server called SatoshiQuest has been launched, providing an online treasure hunt where the prize is real bitcoin. Players pay $1 in bitcoin to play, which is pooled into a prize fund for the winner to find. Rinse. Repeat.

A New Way To Mine Bitcoin
Each player has a unique in game wallet address linked to their Minecraft user ID. Buying a life in the treasure hunt costs $1, with bitcoin conversion rates being recalculated every 15 minutes.
90% of the money raised through entrance fees goes to the treasure fund, with 10% going to the developer to cover server costs.
Active players then search the vast Minecraft landscapes in search of the hidden bitcoin treasure. When a player gets close to the treasure, their location is broadcast to the other players. This gives them a chance to still get to the treasure first, and…

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