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Litecoin is often referred to as a mere copy of Bitcoin. That is rather unfair sentiment, primarily because there are plenty of developments taking place.

One of those ongoing developments is known as MimbleWimble.

Litecoin’s Implementation of MimbleWimble Progresses Nicely

While not unique to Litecoin, significant progress on implementing this solution has been made in recent months. 

In the latest update, some more details have been released.

One drawback to MimbleWimble is how the recipient must be online when a transaction is sent.

This is required for communication over this protocol.

Developer David Burkett will submit a proposal in the coming weeks, and one that removes this need.

Additionally, this will eventually allow for hardware wallet support.

A recent audit for Grin++ – the base for Libmw – also provides valuable insights.

Based on the findings by security researchers, the “necessary fixes” have been applied to both Grin++ and libmw.

A new review by the auditors of these fixes will occur very soon. 


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