Microsoft Introduces New Blockchain-Based Open Source Project ION

Microsoft is working on a decentralized identity network based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The open-source project called Ion is supposed to enable billions of people to interact safely. The software giant wants to use this project to pave the way for a future with decentralized DID. Among other things, Ion should guarantee the required scaling.

Microsoft is taking another step with Ion towards decentralized identity. The core idea here is that every human being has a decentralized, digital identity and controls it himself. These DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) should be protected by their own identifiers. Thus, Microsoft wants to make secure interactions between organizations, people and devices possible.

As can be seen from a May 13 blog post, the company has worked hard to develop open source components.

So-called identity hubs are intended to ensure secure, encrypted storage of personal data. The dedicated DID network called Ion (Identity Overlay Network) is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. This new concept is designed to…

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