Bing, the web search engine owned by Microsoft, blocked more than 5 million cryptocurrency advertisements last year, new figures from the company reveal.

Microsoft’s Bing Says Cryptocurrency ‘Key Focus’

As part of its Ad Quality Year in Review 2018 document which it released March 25, Bing highlighted cryptocurrency as a “key focus area” of its efforts to prevent ads flouting its policy rules.

“While digital advertising is incredibly powerful and open, it is also prone to abuse by bad actors trying to defraud and deceive users by delivering harmful and misleading ads, with persuasive content and innocent looking URLS that lead to phishing, malware attacks and other types of fraud,” the company claimed.

Microsoft became one of the media giants to receive scorn from the cryptocurrency industry in 2018 when it opted to ban cryptocurrency ads, a measure also enacted by Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Facebook and Google have since partially reversed their decision, while Twitter and Bing continue blocking related…

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