Last month the Veriblock testnet represented more than 30 percent of BTC’s network transactions but the project took a hiatus before launching the protocol’s mainnet. When the project stopped, the BTC network’s mempool dropped, transactions per day were cut in half, and fees slightly dipped. However, since the mainnet launch of the Veriblock blockchain, the mempool is once again getting ‘spammed’ and average transaction fees have increased over the last few days.

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Veriblock’s Mainnet Captures 18% of BTC Transactions

The Veriblock blockchain launched its mainnet on March 25, and since then the project has been using a lot of BTC transactions again. reported on the Veriblock testnet back in February when the blockchain platform was piggybacking off the chain and utilized more than 30-45 percent of transactions on a daily basis. Often times last month, BTC transactions per day numbered 285,000-350,000 when Veriblock was testing.

Mempool ‘Spam’ and Rising Fees: The Consequences of Veriblock’s Mainnet Launch

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