For a while now, the established social networks have been steadily cracking down on groups of users they find to be problematic, sending many people to look for alternatives where they can ensure their voice is heard. One emerging alternative platform is Memo, which is built on bitcoin cash and thus popular among BCH users.

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BCH-Powered Twitter Alternative is a decentralized social network powered by the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and which launched a year ago. It gives users the ability to create a profile and post messages, images and videos using hashtags as well as to give tips instead of just likes. The platform added a mobile app for Android devices in January and the developers have promised that an iOS version is coming soon too.

Memo Is a Decentralized Social Network Built on Bitcoin Cash

All posts are visible to anyone on the BCH blockchain, with each Memo account being associated with a BCH wallet address. Native tipping on the network is also supported by bitcoin cash.

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