Meet the Developer Who Added Schnorr Signatures to Bcash

This week spoke with Jonathan Gonzalez, the blockchain developer who is currently maintaining the Bcash project, a Bitcoin Cash full node written in node.js. Gonzalez explained how he got into Bitcoin Cash development and how he managed to get the Bcash node fully compatible with last May’s fork, which introduced Schnorr signatures to the main chain.

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Schnorr Signatures and Bcash

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network has a variety of full node implementations that are developed by different programmers. BCH nodes include implementations such as Bitcoin ABC, Unlimited, and Bchd. Last year in May, launched an alternative Bitcoin Cash client called Bcash, a BCH protocol node written in node.js. The implementation of the BCH protocol written in node.js can operate as a full node as well as perform Simplified Payment Verification (SPV). Furthermore, it is composed of a wallet backend with BIP44 derivation, a general purpose BCH library, and a…

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