Cryptocurrency markets are seeing fresh gains today as the entire cryptoconomy has gathered $186 billion market valuation after gaining $16 billion over the last 24 hours. The most notable coins leading the charge within the top 10 positions today include litecoin, eos, and bitcoin cash.

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$16 Billion Added to the Cryptoconomy

Digital asset markets are doing much better this Friday as most cryptocurrencies have gained between 2-10% in value over the last day. Global trade volume has spiked considerably to around $57.8 billion and there’s been a lot of action during the early morning trading sessions. This Friday, bitcoin core (BTC) is trading for $5,834 per coin and has an overall market valuation of about $103 billion. BTC has seen some decent gains over the last 24 hours with a 6.61% improvement.

Markets Update: Optimism Grows as Cryptocurrency Prices Surge

The second largest market valuation commanded by ethereum (ETH) is around $17.9 billion and each ETH is swapping for $169. Ripple (XRP)…

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