Digital currency markets are seeing significant gains this week as the entire market capitalization gained $28 billion in the last seven days. Moreover, trade volume has spiked to a massive $100 billion and during the last 24 hours, numerous digital assets have gained between 3-48%.

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Crypto Markets Show Strong Bullish Trend

Cryptocurrency prices have been moving northbound and the market valuation of all 4,000+ coins is around $235 billion on Tuesday. At the time of publication, BTC is trading for $8,681 and the crypto has a market cap of around $157 billion. There is $30 billion in global trades today between BTC and a range of trading pairs. 69% of BTC trades are swapped with tether (USDT) while USD (11%), JPY (8.4%), EUR (2.3%), USDC (2.1%), and PAX (1.7%) follow.

Market Outlook: Bullish Trend Sends Crypto Prices Northwards

Behind BTC is ETH and each coin is currently swapping for $156 at press time. ETH’s overall market capitalization is around $17 billion and there’s been $10 billion in ETH trades in the last 24 hours….

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