Market Manipulation: The Ultimate Marketing Strategy — The Logic Behind SHIB2.0’s Rise | by LBank Exchange | Jul, 2023

From the LBank blog.

As Bitcoin breaches the major milestone of $30,000, a renewed wave of MEME coin frenzy sweeps through the market. In the last round of MEME coin mania, PEPE surged more than 100,000 times, drawing a significant influx of new users into the cryptocurrency sector for speculation and trading.

This new wave is primarily driven by the 2.0 concept, with a plethora of MEME2.0 tokens, led by PEPE2.0, emerging on the scene. This indicates investors’ intense desire to ignite another round of MEME coin speculation, hoping to accumulate substantial wealth.

Deeply ingrained in the MEME ecosystem, LBank keeps a close eye on the MEME community’s exchanges, and it was the first to list SHIB2.0, creating a significant wealth effect for its users.

At the time of writing, SHIB2.0 tokens listed on LBank have seen a more than three-fold increase in value. After LBank listed SHIB2.0, other exchanges like MEXC and BITGET were slow to follow suit.

Why was SHIB2.0 chosen for listing? Because its market manipulation is straightforward, and market operation proves to be the optimal marketing strategy.

A glance at SHIB2.0’s official website underscores this point: “SHIB is tired of being launched over and over by endless degens. So if you missed SHIB, this is your final chance, launched during sensible hours for all the autistic shitcoin gamblers to flip there rent money.

This is your time.” This shows that SHIB2.0 is a genuine MEME coin, aspiring to be at the forefront of the MEME2.0 wave. The team’s ambition is significant. Let’s look at the team’s operational maneuvers:

They initially contributed 20ETH to the liquidity pool out of their own pockets, followed by promptly securing the liquidity pool through PinkSale, and ultimately relinquishing the contract authority. This suggests that the team has no intention to “rug pull”.

A MEME coin with a very low market cap but a large liquidity pool suggests there is significant upward potential and it won’t be easy for anyone to simply dump their holdings. The smooth inflow and outflow of large funds naturally draw a substantial number of speculators.

As the coin’s price continues to rise, SHIB2.0 continues to break into new markets, attracting more and more speculators — this is indeed the optimal marketing strategy.

And how does the team profit? The 1% tax on such a high volume of transactions is more than enough to fill the team’s coffers, eliminating the need to profit through token dumping.

At the time of writing, SHIB2.0 has topped the list of Hot Pairs on DexTools, attesting to LBank’s ability to spot potential MEME coins. Meanwhile, other MEME2.0 tokens listed on LBank have also shown promising trends.

Since its listing, PEPE2.0 has seen an increase of as much as 600%, while DOGE2.0 has surged by as much as 150% since it was listed. Don’t miss this excellent trading opportunity.

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