Market making and over-the-counter trading firm GSR Markets is taking legal action against lawyer Diana McDonald, who is accused of pocketing $2 million from a $4 million BTC transaction in which she acted as an escrow.

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GSR Markets Sues Lawyer Over Missing $2 Million

Hong Kong-based GSR Markets is taking legal action against a lawyer who was to act as an escrow in a $4 million BTC escrow transaction gone awry. According to the plaintiffs, GSR sent BTC to them in exchange for $4 million that was sent to the trust account of a lawyer designated to act as an escrow, only to have $2 million returned to them and receive no cryptocurrency.

Market Maker Sues Lawyer Over $4 Million BTC Transaction Gone Awry

GSR asserts: “Valkyrie [one of the defendants] promised that it would provide Bitcoin to GSR Markets ]in exchange for $4 million. In reliance on that promise, GSR Markets wired $4 million” to the defendant.

GSR claims to have been acting as a broker for Alivia Corporation in seeking to…

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