Mark Karpelès, the former CEO of the defunct Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange says he will appeal his conviction on electronic data manipulation charges. Meanwhile, prosecutors on the case have announced their decision not to appeal Karpelès’ acquittal on embezzlement charges.

Karpelès is also a Victim of the Mt. Gox Hack

According to the Associated Press (AP), Karpelès’ lawyer, Nobuyasu Ogata believes his client’s actions during the Mt. Gox saga were tailored towards minimizing the risk exposure of the platform’s users.

Ogata’s comments come in the wake of the decision of the Tokyo District Court to convict the former Mt. Gox chief on data manipulation charges. Karpelès was, however, found not guilty of embezzlement and was handed a suspended sentence which means no jail time unless he is found guilty of another crime within the next four years.

Karpelès’ lawyer expressed delight at the latter ruling of the court, calling it “a proper decision.” However, the ex Mt. Gox CEO plans to appeal his conviction on data…

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