March 21st Market Analysis from LBank Derivatives | by LBank Exchange | Mar, 2023

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Bitcoin has recently experienced a short-term pullback, allowing technical indicators to adjust. The current price of BTC is fluctuating around the $27,800 level. There are some key levels to watch for in the short-term price action:

Upside resistance: The strong resistance level for BTC lies at the psychological whole number of $30,000. This level may act as a hurdle for the bulls trying to push the price higher.

Downside support: In the short term, BTC has support near the $27,500 level. A stronger support line can be found at the $25,000 level, which may serve as a solid base for buyers to step in and halt further declines.


Ethereum is also witnessing a short-term price retracement. Here are the key levels to watch for ETH:

Upside resistance: ETH faces significant resistance between $2,000 and $2,050. This price range may be a barrier for buyers attempting to drive the price upward.

Downside support: On the downside, short-term support can be found at $1,750, while stronger support is observed in the $1,720 to $1,700 range. This area could provide a cushion for any potential price declines.

In conclusion, both Bitcoin and Ethereum are experiencing short-term retracements, with the possibility of price stabilization at the mentioned support levels.

Traders and investors should keep a close eye on the key resistance and support levels for both cryptocurrencies, as these levels may provide potential entry and exit points in the current market environment.

As always, it is crucial to manage risks and implement proper trading strategies when dealing with volatile assets such as cryptocurrencies.

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