Palm Beach Group Reveals $1 Million Bitcoin Giveaway

U.S.-based financial research and publishing firm Palm Beach Group has announced that it will be conducting a $1 million bitcoin giveaway in coming days. The giveaway will be conducted as part of a week-long free training event which will be

Unbreachable Privacy through Pristine Transparency — a Paradox

“You got supply and you have the demand. You have the problem and you have the solution. You have the currency of the future.” — Ronald Dacey, “StartUp” Financial market participants and laymen alike — hold onto your hats. //–

Genesis Vision Will Make the Financial Market a Global One

Genesis Vision is the first private trust management platform based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The platform will unite the exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and transparent network, and create an automated ecosystem for investments