This was a hot year for crypto, with BTC surging up from the pit it was in at the beginning of the year to a stable $7-8k by the end, rapidly developing altcoins and the rapt attention of governments and users. It is early to speak about mass adoption, but the fact that crypto is in our lives to stay is undeniable. Lumi Wallet wasn’t an exception as 2019 was a challenging and productive year in terms of the wallet’s development. EOS, a Dapp browser, the option to buy crypto with a credit card — almost all goals on the 2019 roadmap were completed and much more is waiting ahead in 2020.

So, what exactly was done? And what can Lumi users expect in the near future?

Results of 2019

EOS integration

One of the major goals for 2019 was the integration of the EOS blockchain. The market of altcoins is very diverse, but EOS is quite an intriguing blockchain with potential for high-speed transactions and a lot of promising projects coming soon (like Voice). Lumi started the integration by listing the EOS coin, then it enabled EOS accounts…

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