Litewallet receives Flexa Development Grant

Today, our friends at Flexa announced that the Litewallet team will be one of a handful of app wallets who have joined the Flexa Developer Grants program.

The Litewallet team as a participant have signed on to integrate the Flexa Spend SDK into the Litewallet app in order to enable a digital payments experience with all the features that the Flexa and Amp communities have come to expect.

“We are really excited to be offering yet another way for our Litewallet users to use Litecoin. In anticipation of the increased usage, we have grown the support team by 3x covering 5 time zones”, noted Team Manager, Kerry Washington.

By joining Litewallet will become part of the Flexa network, the newly available Flexa Payments platform, and each of the new Flexa Capacity Transformers that are helping to make payments from any app a reality, Flexa is proud to take yet another giant step towards a pure-digital payments future.

Flexa is the global leader in pure-digital payments. They provide merchants and developers with simple integrations for digital currency acceptance that are fast, affordable, and completely fraud-proof. Founded in 2018, Flexa’s mission is to make payments more efficient and accessible for people all over the world.

See their announcement here:

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